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I am a 51 year old attorney. (B.A. Wittenberg Univ.;M.B.A. Cleveland State Univ.; J.D. University of Houston (#1 in my class)) I read from two to seven books per week for pleasure. I read a lot of mysteries, top 100 sellers, travel literature, science, and anything else I can find that is interesting and is well written. (I usually try to read five star rated books.) Due to a recent hos… Mehr dazu


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The New, New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story von Michael Lewis
This is an interesting story about Jim Clark-the man(and only man)that started three companies worth a billion dollars or more. Jim Clark was a high school misfit and onetime seaman recruit doing scut work when the Navy discovered he was a math genius. Clark goes on to have his revenge by getting a Ph.D. and becoming the Silicon Valley mogul who engineers are beating down the doors to work for. He also has his revenge on the venture capitalists and dramatically changes the economics in favor of the engineers and the programmers. Lewis writes an interesting book about how Clark starts up Healtheon and begins groping to the new new idea-My CFO. Clark really beats to a different… Mehr dazu
Round Ireland with a Fridge von Tony Hawks
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Tony Hanks is a parttime standup comic and it shows in this humorous book which has as its premise a drunken bet to hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge. Hanks makes it with the help of a radio disc jockey (Ireland has a national radio station.)It must be fun to live in Ireland as apparently most evenings are spent in a pub drinking and singing. Hanks ends up in a pub most evenings. I rate this book slightly below Bryson's a Walk in the Woods and Helen Fields Bridget Jones Diary in terms of laughter intensity.
The Nudist on the Late Shift: And Other True Tales&hellip von Po Bronson
I cannot say enough good things about this book. Po Bronson tells the stories of the many people making up Silicon Valley-salesmen, newcomers, programmers, entrepreneurs, futurists and by doing so you gain an understanding of the tremendous pressures to make your numbers. He follows one company through its IPO. His writing is vivid. For example, he defines the various sales jargon. "Mindshare. As opposed to market share, When a salesman says 'he's building mindshare', what he means is he hasn't sold a thing. Or in describing the physical fitness of one newcomer. "He has less fat than an unflavored rice cake." He explains the headhunters. One girl criticized for being… Mehr dazu