Enrique Torres

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Ort: San Diegotitlan, Califas
Geburtstag: 15. Januar
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In an ever changing world one must be well rooted to progress. Much can be learned from the past, both real life expereiences and those of an historical nature but to remain or dwell on the past will result like water left unsettled in a pond, it will be full of life but stagnant.I love the era I was born in , with all the technological advances but appreciate the old style and primitive ways.I lo… Mehr dazu

God, country, family and friends are a priority. I think The Mars Volta is a force. Still love Trane and Miles. Coachella Festival was quite an expeience.Jazzanova, Tool, Massive Attack and others were very good, especially Tool. Madonna was a letdow… Mehr dazu


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The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conque&hellip von Miguel Leon-Portilla
This is an excellent primary source of information written fron the Aztecs viewpoint. Bernal Diaz's book is an excellent companion study to compare the different perspectives of both primary parties involved. The illustrations and the narrative are very elementary, an easy read with simple drawings to compliment the text. The viewpoint, which is the Aztecs is interesting and different from what you might suppose. If you are intersted in Pre-Columbian culture in Mexico this is a fundamental book covering the Conquest of Mexico. For a balanced view read this along with Bernal Diaz's book to get a complete picture from participants of that fateful time in history when the Old World… Mehr dazu
Apollyon: The Destroyer is Unleashed (Left Behind) von Tim LaHaye
4.0 von 5 Sternen Good Fiction?, 21. Juli 2000
This book continues the saga and by now the characters have become very soap opera-ish. If you've read the previous books in the series, part of the draw is to find out what has happened to those left behind. You won't be dissappointed either as their are more twists and turns to this preachy soap. The intrigue is there but something is lacking or maybe it is that the formula has been streched too thin and this information could have been condensed into less than five books. The suspense will still keep your attention but it won't keep you riveted like before. The messaage permeates the book and you cannot escape the inevitable question concerning your own personal salvation. An easy… Mehr dazu
Crafting Devotions: Tradition in Contemporary New &hellip von Laurie Beth Kalb
5.0 von 5 Sternen Divine Inspiration, 12. Juli 2000
If you are interested in wood carving and the tradition of the wood carvers in New Mexico this is a must have book. The secular and non-secular images displayed are excellent and inspiring works of art. The book is easy to read and entertains in a quasi-sholarly way. The glimpses into the various artists featured are interesting as they share insights into the way of life of these Santeros. The various profiled artists are unique, diverse, deceased or living and extremely talented. The section on Patrocino Barela and his family is fascinating and worth the cost of the book alone as it features some of his works which are extremely rare. This is a book that you will enjoy reading but… Mehr dazu