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Years ago I was Top Fifty, then Top Hundred, then everyone had an opinion & some of them write hundreds of reviews on every piece of crap they read or hear, but anyone who gives away that much prose for free at Amazon is crazy.

I'm a poet, writer, beach bum wannabe, formerly a working musician, & a veteran free form DJ at New York area radio station WFMU (91.1 FM & the web), so I'm curious ab… Mehr dazu


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Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Out&hellip von Irwin Chusid
"- As regards the Outsider, the question -- never asked directly, but always to a third party -- is: "What were they.thinking?" - Irwin Chusid
Well, in the case of Harry Partch, perhaps we can know by wading through his massive tome on micro-tunings. But even that book is kind of weird.
So what makes The Shaggs, Joe Meek & the lovely Lucia Pamela so dear to our hearts? What compels us to stare at Jandek's fuzzy black & white album covers? What the heck is a "Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish?"
Irwin has genuine affection for outsider music & art. He practically defined the genre on his WFMU radio programs. It's a massive subject, sure… Mehr dazu
Specimen Days & Collect von Walt Whitman
Specimen Days & Collect von Walt Whitman
Holding a very special place among Whitman's writing, & very unlike anything by Thoreau, Specimen Days is as close as we get to Walt with his masks removed. There is something of a suburbanite in Whitman's appreciation of nature; essentially, he simply went, looked around & wrote down what he saw & what he did. Force of nature that he was, what he mostly saw was, of course, himself. Nature is benign. The Civil War entries are famous. The real war, which Whitman said would never get in the books, makes an appearance in the sad hospitals he visited.
Specimen Days is an inspiring message to us. Whitman knew we would be here.

Bob Rixon
The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets: A Vi&hellip von Geoffrey Cornelius
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A fine generalist introduction to the metaphors of the sky. Generalist because it is concerned with more than western astrological symbols. At this stage in human history, with our emerging global viewpoint & understanding of the Earth itself as a living being, astrologers, too, must allow their knowledge to expand & deepen. We are slowly passing out of the Piscean Age & into Aquarius, & that means irresistable changes. Those with pagan or wiccan inclinations need a less Eurocentric comprehension of sky spirituality. The Secret Language of Stars and Planets, while rooted in the Western Zodiac, takes a multicultural path beyond those borders. So all of the Planets are… Mehr dazu