Theresa Welsh

"The Seeker"
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Ort: Ferndale, Michigan, USA
Geburtstag: 16. August
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I'm a writer, photographer and technical communicator with experience as a technical writer and an author of four books.

Since retiring in 2009, I've been pursuing my interest in the city that gave me an education and great experiences: Detroit Michigan. It's a city where I've lived and worked for much of my adult life, living through the 1967 riot as a newly-wed in an apartment very near whe… Mehr dazu

My interests are ancient civilizations and alternative history, computers and the history of technology, science fiction that examines the past and the future, spirituality and spirit communication, health care policy, and urban policy and the future… Mehr dazu


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Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: &hellip von Rupert Sheldrake
5.0 von 5 Sternen I LOVED THIS BOOK, 13. Juli 2000
This is a delightful, readable book that combines a love for animals with real research into psychic connections between humans and animals. Pet owners have always felt this connection, but Rupert Sheldrake provides a conceptual framework along with solid evidence for an actual bond. When my daughter was younger, the cat we had then used to wait by the front window for my daughter. We all noticed this behavior and thought the cat just had good timing, but the stories in this book tell me this is a common happening and represents some kind of communication mechanism. I hope Dr. Sheldrake's research can continue to provide insight into this behavior. I have read of such behavior in… Mehr dazu
Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Com&hellip von Paul Freiberger
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When I first heard about this book, I couldn't wait to get my copy. I ordered the Collector's Edition because early micro history is special to me -- I was there, a software seller and early user. This book gets a lot of it right because it was originally written in the 1980s and the authors knew a lot of the people involved in early micro hardware and software. They are strong on Silicon Valley history, but weak on what was happening in the rest of the country, where microcomputers sold in Radio Shack stores reached across America. People in big cities and little towns snapped up the $600 TRS-80 and users created tons of software. The book barely mentions Steve Leininger who worked… Mehr dazu
The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer's Perce&hellip von Joseph McMoneagle
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Joe McMoneagle's The Ultimate Time Machine is fascinating and entertaining, but, for me, it is his view of time that makes the book special. What is the past ? What is the future? Do we really have access to both? McMoneagle takes us in both directions through his skills as a Remote Viewer, a term that simply means accessing information through psychic means, but with a disciplined methodology. As a writer and author myself, I can't resist the concept of time travel and I was delighted to find that something I've come to believe is one of McMoneagle's predictions: that the same discovery that will one day let us move instantaneously from one location to another will also let us move… Mehr dazu