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The Fountainhead von Ayn Rand
The Fountainhead von Ayn Rand
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First, the book's strengths, and they are considerable. It contains some of the most interesting dialog I have ever encountered. At the same time the reader is analyzing what is being said to determine the character's motivations, you can see them doing the same to each other, and reacting accordingly. Although their mannerisms and actions can be idealistic to the point of seeming lifeless at times, in conversation they truly come to life.
The dialog would be pointless if the characters didn't have something important to talk about, and indeed they do. Whatever you think of Ayn Rand's philosophy, it is nothing if not relevant to every part of life. The philosophy integrates the… Mehr dazu
Access 2000: Developer's Handbook, Vol. 1: Desktop&hellip von Paul Litwin
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This book is for someone who has used Access long enough to know what they want to do and generally how they want to do it, but not the particulars of what is and isn't possible in implementation. It is everything but an introduction. Whether you want to use obscure, proprietary SQL statements like UNION or directly control the printer, this book will provide the information. The one thing the book is not, and was not intended to be, is an introduction. If you've never used Access or you've only used it for data entry, spend several weeks reading the built-in help and mastering the basics before you open this book (or even decide that you need it).
I particularly liked the VBA… Mehr dazu
Microsoft Access 97 (Step By Step (Microsoft)) von Inc. Catapult
4.0 von 5 Sternen For beginners, only, 27. Juni 2000
I bought this book and went from knowing nothing about Access to being able to fake having used it for years at a temp job. If you don't have your own copy of Access and can only use it on the job, this book is great, because it's slow-paced and has a lot of pictures.
However, it is only slightly better than Access' built in help files. If you want to save your money (if you don't have to cram to fake proficiency like I did), first learn the basics by experimentation and reading the built-in help, then buy a more thorough text.
While the book certainly helped me, I can't imagine doing anything with it now except chucking it in the trash. It was worth the investment, but… Mehr dazu