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Moleskine Klassischer Wochen-Notizkalender 2014 / &hellip von Moleskine
I buy one of these each and every year for my wife. Unfortunately, this year, not only does she have to keep a diary, but also fill in the holidays by looking at the Moleskine website. Also the time zone pages leave much to be desired. One is not sure which country has which time zone, especially in Europe. I also have the impression that the type setting was not done by someone who has English as their first language. "Travels planning...". But there is the thoroughly useless "Flight Durations" I suppose....

Shame that when companies have a winning formula, they feel obliged to mess around with it for no good reason. Moleskine went bankrupt before. I hope it… Mehr dazu
TBS Easy Walk Brandy, Damen Halbschuhe TBS
Die sind hergestellt in Frankreich, aber trotzdem ist die Qualitaetskontrolle ziemlich chinesisch. Eine Zunge ist laenger als die andere. Ausser dass, nicht schlecht.
Panasonic ES-LV81-K803 Nass- / Trocken Linear-Rasi&hellip von Panasonic
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as usual, top shave from a top razor. It knocks off a quarter of a minute shaving time from the ES8249 model, and shaves even slightly closer. The shaving head is very large which takes a couple of days to get used to, but all in all beats the competition into a cocked hat.