Michael Huggins

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Ort: Memphis, TN United States
Geburtstag: 23. März
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DWM, technical writer, skeptic, center-right in politics, avid reader.

Good books, classical music, filum, walking for fitness, museums, historic sites, trivia contests, good conversation.


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Death Qualified von Kate Wilhelm
Death Qualified von Kate Wilhelm
"Death Qualified" is a very interesting and ambitious book--in fact, interesting in too many different ways, and ultimately, too ambitious.
It's a human drama about young adults and middle-aged people facing their conflicts and unfulfilled needs; cheating spouses, parents estranged from their grown children, etc.
It's a murder mystery. Who killed the long-lost husband in the woods? His estranged wife? Unseen enemies? An unlucky shot from a hunter?
It's a courtroom drama. Naturally, the defense attorney was once the lover of the prosecutor. Defense keeps hammering at an angle that can never be proven, and the prosecutor contests her every step. Will an… Mehr dazu
Timeline von Michael Crichton
Timeline von Michael Crichton
2.0 von 5 Sternen Sloppy, 17. Juni 2000
This book is very absorbing, and Crichton usually makes his science seem plausible. I was very intrigued by "Sphere," and the novel "Jurassic Park" made my blood run cold--it scared me a lot more than the movie did.
But "Timeline" is sloppy. An architect refers to a diagram of a monastery and says that it shows apsidal chapels, when in fact, it does not (the diagram is reproduced in the book). The architect and a historian are talking about the putative location of the monastery's refectory--and a few pages later are referring to the same room as the "rectory" (which of course makes no sense to begin with, in that context). Archaelogists… Mehr dazu
If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook for Finding Love o&hellip von Charlotte Kasl
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I bought this book on the suggestion of a friend, and I'm sorry I did.
Yes, there are a few good things in it. For instance, chapters about specifying what you want in a mate and defining what you are willing to give, provide helpful checklists. No doubt, similar lists and concepts are found in other books.
But the title leads you to believe that the author will apply the wisdom of the Buddha to the dating life. And for the most part, that simply does not happen.
The Buddha is hardly mentioned or quoted at all, for most of the book, and in fact, the author appears to be much less familiar with Buddhism than she is with the Muslim Sufi mystical tradition. She quotes… Mehr dazu