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Shadow Song von Terry Kay
Shadow Song von Terry Kay
The theme of lost love and "what might have been" or woven together in the rhythmical, almost mystical writing of Shadow Song, written by Terry Kaye. Kaye is a masterful storyteller and his method of weaving the past and the present into a coherent rendering was done very well. I read page after page waiting for the answer to the question: why did Amy and Bobo love each other? What values did they share that made their love so special?
Unfortunately, the question was never answered. As near as I can surmise, the only reason Bobo loved Amy was because she was the most beautiful girl he had ever known, and at 55, she still possessed he teenage luster (a dubious claim at best)… Mehr dazu
Cradle of Life: The Discovery of Earth's Earliest &hellip von J.William Schopf
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I enjoyed reading this book. It was non-technical enough for a non-palentoligist like myself to understand, and compelling enough to create an earnest desire to turn the next page.
I was a bit troubled by some errors. For example, Schopf mentioned that little children at play sometimes feel a stitch in their side, a condition he ascribed to a build up of lactic acid. Even first-year exercise physiology majors know this to be untrue. (One proof is that people who are incapable of producing lactic acid can still feel this pain). Another is when he says that 10 to the 47th power is rouglhy half of 10 to the 80th. These are both minor points I know, but when I read basic… Mehr dazu
Visible Worlds: A Novel von Marilyn Bowering
Visible Worlds: A Novel von Marilyn Bowering
Good read but characterization not strong enough
The plot of this book was exceptionally well crafted. The imagery and descriptions were written so well, you can truly see yourself in the Arctic Ocean, northern Canada, Siberia, and Germany and everywhere else the author takes us. Reading the book though, I kept thinking there was not enough character development to make me truly feel something for these people. It was almost like too much was happening in too few pages. Still, it is worth reading.