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With their system of customer reviews, Amazon.com has allowed potential buyers to see what others think about the books they are viewing. This has proven to be both popular and practical. I began writing reviews while I was in the Navy and had plenty of free time on my hands. Since leaving the service, I write far fewer reviews, but still enjoy occasionally seeing what others think about books.… Mehr dazu


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Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societi&hellip von Jared Diamond
In his preface to the paperback edition, Jared Diamond boldly states, "This book attempts to provide a short history of everybody for the last 13,000 years." Following this startling statement, he writes, "The question motivating the book is: Why did history unfold differently on different continents?" Keeping these two aims in mind is quite helpful while reading through the book, and I found that while Diamond certainly can't answer all the questions (he doesn't even attempt this), he does suggest many plausible explanations for why history has unfolded like it has (such as advantages of geography, fertility, agriculture vs. hunter-gathering societies,… Mehr dazu
The Book of Guys: Stories von Garrison Keillor
The Book of Guys: Stories von Garrison Keillor
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My first foray into the reading world of Garrison Keillor was The Book of Guys. It consists of 22 stories that reflect an impressive amount of learning and language skills combined with a curious imagination. My favorite of the set was the opening chapter address to the National Federation of Associations convention. Keillor's spoofs on the age old battle of the sexes takes on smashingly funny proportions in this piece, from the description of his attendance at the Sons of Bernie drunken orgy of song and self-pity around a campfire in the freezing cold of winter to comments about his high school poetic aspirations, including such numbers as 'Soliloquies for Stringless… Mehr dazu
The Merry Heart: Reflections on Reading Writing, a&hellip von Robertson Davies
It is usually a pleasure to sit down to a Robertson Davies work whether it be a novel, a collection of speeches, ghost stories, essays, or newspaper articles. The Merry Heart is a felicitous adddition to the Davies canon, containing his usual eclectic selection of literary topics and sparkling ideas. Each chapter has a few introductory comments (often including excerpts from Davies' diary) by the book's editors that paint the background for each piece. Readers enjoy comparing notes about favorite books and biographical history, so for avid readers, The Merry Heart will be like reading a series of letters from a funny, witty, learned friend about some of those events and books that… Mehr dazu