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True Exhibitionist Wife Stories (English Edition) von Macy True
This book is less a collection of short stories than vignettes. There are some really fun ideas here, but as each story has less than a couple pages, not enough space is available to flesh out the story. If you're a writer looking for story ideas, or you're looking for short vignettes on this subject matter, you will be satisfied. If you're looking for sexy or titillating short stories, there are better examples. Also, the author seems to be suffering from a chronic disability to correctly spell "red-blooded" correctly, or even just consistently.
Dickies Herren Hose Orgnl 874work Pants Dickies
5.0 von 5 Sternen Riesig, 12. März 2013
Habe die 36x34 bestellt. Ist allerdings (im Vergleich zu anderen, gleichzeitig bestellten Hosen derselben Größe) RIESIG ausgefallen. Der Stoff ist sehr Steif und fast wie Zeltplane. Für eine Arbeitshose sehr gut, war in meinem Fall aber nicht, was ich erwartet hatte.
SexyPHP: A Fun Way to Learn Object Oriented PHP (E&hellip von C. A. Collins
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1.0 von 5 Sternen Horribly misogynist and sexist, 15. Februar 2013
What else do I need to say. To even have that idea, but then to publish and sell it! From the sample I can see that every chapter title is written on a photo of a scantily-clad woman. Great job objectifying women!