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This is the last time I will update this about me area. I've grown tired of the clawing-to-the top that is I love the place as much as anyone, but I at least need a break.

Parting thoughts come from Christina Aguilera, her 'Stripped' Album, 'The Voice Within:'

Young girl, don't cry
I'll be right here when your world starts to fall
Young girl, it's all right
Your tears will dry… Mehr dazu


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Breathing Underwater von Alex Flinn
Breathing Underwater von Alex Flinn
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Nick has it all, a beautiful girlfriend, charming father, the perfect GPA and lots of wealth to the family name. So why does he throw it all away?
This compelling novel by first time author/lawyer Alex Flinn is stirring and emotional. Nick's search for the love of his mother (who left when he was still small) and an escape from his father's abusive personality results in self-destruction and fear.
The book deals with abuse in teen relationships, something all to common and practically untouched by most authors. When Nick's girlfriend Caitlin finally files charges agaisnt him for abuse, Nick makes a complete turnaround. While I find such complete revelations virtually impossible,… Mehr dazu
Black Mirror von Nancy Werlin
Black Mirror von Nancy Werlin
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Thrilling & Chilling, 11. April 2002
Black Mirror is the story of a young girl searching for many things- a sense of family, her true identity and peace with herself.
The book follows a bumpy road of life after Frances's brother Daniel commits suicide. Frances, shy and suffering low self-concept, feels that without her brother, she should make some sort of effort to fit into the school she never really belonged to. Her odd life with divorced parents (her mother studying Buddhism miles away) and mixed heritage leads her to believe she can never fit in anywhere.
The author makes the characters both realistic and unique, creating an environment to completely immerse the reader in.
Frances decides to join Unity, a… Mehr dazu
Hoochie Mama von Preston Allen
Hoochie Mama von Preston Allen
When I went looking for a new book a few months ago, I knew I wanted something a little different, something exciting and unique. From the title, it was obvious this was going to be a bit of an unconventional book, so I bought it.
Hoochie Mama follows the life of a female detective who appears to be wild with flourescent nails and lipstick, yet she isn't afraid to be "one of the guys."
The mystery itself is absolutely excellent. For a day I took this book everywhere, I just couldn't stop reading it. The thrill is top notch and the ending is both surprising, yet it all ties in well to the clues.
The thing that struck me most about the book was the obvious talent of… Mehr dazu