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Fifty challenging problems in probability with sol&hellip von Frederick Mosteller
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This book actually has 56 great problems in probability as well as very detailed solutions.
Most (if not all) do *not* require advanced mathematics but do require some clever thinking. A lot of these problems could be tackled by high school students and some of these problems will make PhDs blush!
Everything Scrabble von Joe Edley
Everything Scrabble von Joe Edley
5.0 von 5 Sternen This book kicks ass., 19. Januar 1999
This book isn't written for the latest official word list, but there aren't THAT many changes in what words are acceptable.
But this book is great. It explains basic strategy (which most people would never think about) such as how to decide what letters to leave on your rack, and also gives you lists of key words to remember, such as the 2-letter-words and the SATINE words and the 3-letter words with X, J, or Z. And then there are exercises to help you find those words on your rack. Some of these exercises are really tough.
After reading this book and studying a little bit, I went from being the WORST player in the world to being a player who averages about one bingo per… Mehr dazu
What Has Government Done to Our Health Care? von Terree P. Wasley
This book gives a thorough analysis of why government medicine has failed and is failing, and explains the dangers of further socializing medicine. But more importantly, the author explains how to solve our current ills. It's not the fastest paced book, but it's a real eye-opener!