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Endlessly enjoying life, as it comes, and just as I always have: dealing with everything head-on, and always landing perfectly back on my feet. Forever and ever, staying, as Steve Jobs said way back in 2005..and I was there... " stay hungry, stay foolish."

Art, reading, outside and fresh air, always, my child, my friends, my family, just about anyone and everyone.


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1185 Park Avenue: A Memoir von Anne Roiphe
1185 Park Avenue: A Memoir von Anne Roiphe
5.0 von 5 Sternen A most brilliant memoir., 23. Juli 2000
When I began the first few pages of this book, on a sleepless night, I prepared to be bored by what, at first glance, seemed to be flowery language with no sweat shed.
How wrong I was. Roiphe has written the best memoir I have ever encountered. Each character is so well described that I swear I could pick any one of them out in a crowd, regardless of whether they are now dead or alive. I normally have some distaste for changes in tense, but Roiphe achieves this so artfully, I rarely noticed.
Roiphe, though her descriptions are vivid and not in any sense concise, does not waste a word. I sometimes found myself unexpectedly laughing, and at one point, incredibly, weeping… Mehr dazu
Hollywood Babylon: The Legendary Underground Class&hellip von Kenneth Anger
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4.0 von 5 Sternen A great piece of fluff!, 20. Juli 2000
This book would have horrified the entire United States had it been published in, say, the 50's. I recall looking at it when it was published and turning up my nose.
As far as literature, I'd rank this book as a really fattening and delicious chocolate truffle, not one bit edifying but a wonderfully fun romp through Hollywood scandals of yore, some of which I was not at all familiar with.
I read it in a night, and recommend it with your evening tea or cocoa.
Bee Season: A Novel von Myla Goldberg
Bee Season: A Novel von Myla Goldberg
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3.0 von 5 Sternen Immature and overwrought, 18. Juli 2000
Myla Goldberg has taken on a topic that she is emotionally too young to carry. While philosophically, as she explores the Kabbalah, she is quite brilliant, Goldberg has clearly not had enough life experience to solidly portray a dysfunctional family rotting from the inside.
Her touch of brilliance is the ending, where the entire theme of the book becomes most apparent. Father Saul has in fact destroyed his entire family in his need to have them excel.
Her portrayal of the lost mother does not ring true. Having known madness in a professional and personal way, Goldberg's portrayal of Miriam lacks the sweat and tears of real madness.
Compare this novel to David Leavitt's… Mehr dazu