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The Silmarillion. von John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
The Silmarillion. von John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Vast!, 21. August 2002
The Silmarillion is the collection of myths from the ancient days of Arda. Its central storyline is the war for the Silmarils, the precious gems made by the gifted Elf Fëanor and stolen by the evil deity Melkor/Morgoth.
We are dragged into a world of its own, full of heroes and anti-heroes, grand and utterly detailed. We encounter love and loss, friendship and war, pain and grief, joy and hope.
The depth of this vision can be both terryfing and joyful at once.
Though in a way a prequel, the Silmarillion is best consumed after having read Lord of the Rings to save oneself from a massive overdose. However, once you dipped into it, you will soon come to understand many more of… Mehr dazu