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Complementary Colors (English Edition) von Adrienne Wilder
4.0 von 5 Sternen Nice, 11. August 2014
I really like the idea of this book, the story. Paris' flashbacks are interesting and exciting till the end, the story is not simple and very entertaining. Also the character Paris is very complex and weird but still extremely loveable. The paintings / colour are symbolizing the good as well as the bad - you get to think about much while reading.
So it is a very good book but there are aspects I did not understand. For example the character Roy is nearly always the good boy but the reader rarely gets to know his feelings. He stands by Paris but why exactly? Why can't he left him? Love is easy said but while we get to know how Paris falls in love, Roy seems to love him since… Mehr dazu
Dance (English Edition) von Teodora Kostova
Dance (English Edition) von Teodora Kostova
5.0 von 5 Sternen Wonderful, 8. August 2014
At first: Normally I don't do this, but.. this book is too good to NOT recommend it.
In the beginning the love at first sight was a bit too much for me, I would have changed one or two scenes (for example I would have liked if Fenix have had to fight more for their relationship) and I needed a bit before I lived the story but the characters are wonderfully described. Absolutely adoreable. I love the writing style of the author and the passion for musicals (of the main characters) is so well delineated..
I am really overwhelmed at the moment. Huge recommendation.

(Ever since one of my favourite movies, Freier Fall, was mentioned I can't stop grinning anyway. One… Mehr dazu
Legally Wed (English Edition) von Rick R. Reed
At first: I love Rick R. Reed. And I really liked the beginning of this book. But after a while I began to be a bit bored because
the story of the gay and woman-marriage was quite long and then the main character falls in love and suddenly everything turns around and everything is wonderful. In a few seconds they forget their background and history and are declaring their love.. through the whole book I understood the sometimes weird acting of the main character but at this moment I lost it.
- I honestly liked the storyline but it could have been more realistic at the end. The characters were beautifully described.
So I give 3 stars out of 5 because it wasn't bad but not… Mehr dazu