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A restless pilgrim in the universe.


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Yiruma Piano Album vol.1 - Yiruma Piano Music Scor&hellip von Hanbooks
5.0 von 5 Sternen Nice collection, 22. April 2013
Nice songs with not too difficult arrangement, overall good one to buy, would recommend this to everyone to buy the book.
The Invention of Art: A Cultural History von Larry Shiner
5.0 von 5 Sternen Between art and Art, 28. Februar 2006
We go to concert hall to listen to Bach's Matthew Passion. We go to the museum to see Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night. This is how most of us experience the fine art, and we may be forgiven to assume that it has been always that way.
The fact is that it's not. That's one of Larry Shiner's main point through his book. What we regard now as fine art (or Art with capital A) used to be an integrated part of society socially and culturally. Bach composed his works not for a concert piece, but for use in daily services at church. Shakespeare didn't write his poems to contribute to eternal, timeless masterpiece of literature, but for stage performance that even allow improvisation in the… Mehr dazu
Cloak of Deception: Star Wars (Star Wars - Legends&hellip von James Luceno
3 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
This is the kind of what I call "bridge books", which contains important bits of the big story puzzles, just like Star Wars Episode III's role in explaining the crucial moment where Anakin fell apart and became Darth Vader. This book explains how Republic falls apart and became the Empire under the Palpatine's intriguing grand plot.
I agree that a Star Wars fan should read and have this book considering its important role in understanding the big picture of Star Wars universe, however I find the story flow is not so flowing or engaging, compared to other books/series written by Timothy Zahn, for example.
The result is quite a dull book, containing more historical and… Mehr dazu