Jerry Saperstein

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Ort: Evanston, IL USA
Geburtstag: 21. August
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In my day to day life, I'm a computer forensics specialist. In simple terms, that means I dumpster-dive for data in computer storage media. I don't do criminal cases, so I'm not involved in dramatic hunts for murderers or involved with defending them. I'm an avid reader with preferences for thrillers, mysteries, politics, history and, frankly, anything else that strikes my fancy.


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Truth at Any Cost: Ken Starr and the Unmaking of B&hellip von Susan Schmidt
This book obviously inflames Clinton partisans because it doesn't deal with "spin," but only that which can be factually supported with court transcripts, produced documents and the like. There's no "Deep Throat" or other unidentified sources here. And the facts all lead to the same place: William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States lied under oath. A federal judge fined him $90,000 for that and Clinton didn't appeal the ruling. Sens. Lieberman, Feinstein and others all publicly announced their belief that the President had committed illegal acts that were punishable under criminal law, even if they didn't rise to the level of impeachable acts… Mehr dazu
God's Children von Harold Coyle
God's Children von Harold Coyle
5.0 von 5 Sternen Coyle does it again, 12. Februar 2000
Harold Coyle focuses his attention on the thoughts and actions of individual soldiers in small units. In "God's Children," you get up close and personal with the thoughts, fears and driving professionalism of two junior officers in an unexpected combat situation. The arrogant, wet behind the ears 2nd lieutenant Reider on his first day incountry leading a "peacekeeping" patrol and the slightly more experienced, but far more soldierly, 1st lieutenant Dixon tagging along as an unwanted observer. Coyle writes about infantry combat from the grunt's perspective. You feel the fear of the enlisted men, seeking firm guidance from their officers - and the different kinds of… Mehr dazu
Computer Programming Fundamentals with Application&hellip von Mitchel Kerman
This is an unusual book. Clearly intended as a teaching aid, its approach is substantially different than most of the other well done VB books. The authors take a very methodical, step-by-step approach to VB and presume that you are a newcomer. But what they've actually done is to create one of the finest references for BASIC, Visual Basic and programming languages in general. Each element of VB is described in detail with excellent examples. From the IDE to building ActiveX controls. Unlike some VB books, this one doesn't intend to turn the neophyte into an "expert," but rather provides the core knowledge that every programmer should possess. I enjoyed it so much that… Mehr dazu