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Bella Tuscany: The Sweet Life in Italy von Frances Mayes
4.0 von 5 Sternen Bellas Tuscany, 24. Juli 2000
I read Bella Tuscany while I was living in a villa for a week in an area very close to where the author was living. It was magical for me to be reading about and experiencing the same quality of life simultaneously. I think Frances Mayes did a superb job of capturing community and daily life in these small hill towns. She was able to put into words my impressions and experiences. Being of Italian descent, able to speak the language, and having lived in other parts of Italy at different times, I thought Ms. Mayes was masterful in her ability to capture the esssence of life in this small community. As I was reading, I was wishing I could talk with her. If you have some familiarity… Mehr dazu