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Cradle and All von James Patterson
Cradle and All von James Patterson
1.0 von 5 Sternen rip-off, 13. Juni 2000
This one star is generous. Next time, I'll keep my debit card in my wallet. This book was so badly written and a complete waste of a wonderful concept. There were sloppy errors in detail and zero meaningful background information about the characters; the relationships were cliches; the descriptions were inadequate; the scenes were ho-hum predictable. It was written in eighth grade style with stultifying sentence structure, flat verbs, and way too many adverbs. And those sound bite chapters stretched a 250 page book to a bare 300. Rip off! When an author lets his publisher promote this kind of second rate effort, it is an insult to his readers. I won't buy James Patterson again… Mehr dazu