Stan Vernooy

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Ort: Henderson, NV
Geburtstag: 10. September
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I teach math at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. That's what I do for both fun and to make a living, but when I have time for something else, it's usually music (Brahms and the Rolling Stones are my favorites), reading (my favorite authors are Chekhov, John Fowles, Maeve Binchy, and a bunch of others), Libertarian politics, or chess. My mother was an English teacher and my favorite p… Mehr dazu

music, math, history, educational psychology, and philosophy, especially the philosophies of math and science.


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One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculatio&hellip von George Gamow
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Then give her this book! It seems that almost all the reviewers had the same experience: we read this book at an early age, and it was so fascinating, so inspiring, and so magical that it directed us into math and science for the rest of our lives. In my case the book was loaned to me when I was about 12, by my best friend's father. As a result, when I wrote MY first math book (which cannot begin to compare with Gamow's!) thirty-five years later, I dedicated it to my friend's father in gratitude. The book explains how mathematics and science really works, in language which a young person with an eighth grade education can understand. Everyone thinks it takes a genius to understand… Mehr dazu
The Undertaker's Widow (Roman) von Phillip Margolin
The Undertaker's Widow (Roman) von Phillip Margolin
This is an exciting and well written mystery, with a couple of flaws. The story is of a judge who presides over a murder case with political ramifications. His marriage is shaky as the book begins, and there is a plot by some people with interests in the case to capitalize on his marital problems by setting him up and blackmailing him. The plot is complex and interesting enough to maintain the interest of most mystery fans, but there are a couple of problems. Probably the main problem is that I knew the guilty party almost immediately, purely on the basis of the political philosophies of the characters [and I'm being deliberately vague here to avoid giving things away]. When a… Mehr dazu
Ashworth Hall von Anne Perry
Ashworth Hall von Anne Perry
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This is the third Anne Perry novel I have read. They are all well crafted, intelligent cozy mysteries, along with an interesting portrayal of the culture and politics of Victorian England. This particular book revolves around a peace conference for Ireland which is being held at Ashworth Hall, hence the title. Ashworth Hall happens to be the home of the sister-in-law of Inspector (now Superintendent) Pitt, who is the hero of this series of Perry's novels. Moreover, the politician presiding over the conference has been the subject of death threats in the recent past. So Pitt is asked to attend the conference, without revealing his identity, as a security measure to prevent foul… Mehr dazu