Rabbi Yonassan Gershom

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Ort: Minnesota, USA
Jahrestag: 27. Juli
Geburtstag: 30. Oktober
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HEADS UP: There is a BOGUS website using "rabbigershom.com" that is NOT ME! I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM! Now on to the real me: I have just finished editing a great novel called "The Legend of Running Brook" by William C. Barnes -- available here on Kindle. My own latest book, 'Jewish Themes in Star Trek,' is now available on Amazon. I am also the author of 'Beyond the Ashes' (1992), 'Fr… Mehr dazu

I am a Breslover Hasidic Jew. Hobbies are birdwatching, entomology, gardening, reading and Star Trek. I am also an ovo-lacto kosher vegetarian and on the advisory board of Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) and appeared in their 2007 docume… Mehr dazu


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And the Wolves Howled: Fragments of Two Lifetimes von Barbro Karlen
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This is the long--awaited English translation of "Und die Woelfe heulten," the controversial bio-novel in which Swedish writer Barbro Karlen claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank -- yes, THE Anne Frank who wrote famous diary. The book created quite a stir in the German-speaking world when it first came out in 1997. There were angry protests, as well as attempts to stop its publication, on the part of a small segment of the Jewish population who believed in neither reincarnation nor freedom of speech -- all of which I reported in "Life and Soul" magazine (London) in 1998.
Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and the book was published. I'm giving it… Mehr dazu
Peterson First Guide to Butterflies and Moths von Roger Tory Peterson
5.0 von 5 Sternen A wonderful intro book!, 25. Juli 2000
This introductory field guide is much, much better than the old Little Golden Guide" that beginning Lepidoptrists (butterfly lovers) have relied on in the past. I wish I had had the new First Guide version a kid! It shows accurate color drawings of the most common species, along with the food plants and, in some cases, the other life stages such as larvae and pupae.
I especially like the fact that it includes so many moths -- not just the showy ones like Cecropias and Lunas that beginners dream about but seldom find -- but some of the little gray and brown ones, too, such as might show up any evening around your yard light. Plus, I finally found out that a grayish… Mehr dazu
Across Time And Death: The Extraordinary Search Fo&hellip von Jenny Cockell
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5.0 von 5 Sternen A very convincing case!, 25. Juli 2000
This is one of the most convincing reincarnation cases I've come across in a long time. Jenny Cockell not only had memories of a past life, she actually found her children -- now all grown up -- from that life. This story was featured on a number of U.S. TV programs when the book first came out, featuring both Jenny and the children from that life. Her still-living children, being devout Roman Catholics, do not believe in reincarnation per se, but went on record as saying that somehow, their mother "speaks through" Jenny, and they verified details of her memories.
I met Jenny Cockell at a conference in Oslo, Norway, in 1994 and found her to be totally sincere and… Mehr dazu