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Innovation Management Framework (English Edition) von Marco Cigaina
5.0 von 5 Sternen Outstanding read, 20. Januar 2014
There is a lot of literature out there, that pretends to help individuals or organizations to become more creative.
Most of these books fail when it comes to one point: Tangible recommendations, how to do it. And this in a way,
a manager or business person understand it i.e. a comprehensive methodology, applicable tools and sound suggestions
on the communication of the innovation towards a conservative organization. Here, you find it all. Excellent!
Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic&hellip von Tomas Sedlacek
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Our thanks go to Donald Rumsfeld. At least in part. In 2003, the former US Secretary of Defense revived the term "Old Europe". This grouchy politician wanted his wording to be perceived as dismissive. He felt that some European states' refusal to participate in the Second Gulf War for ethical reasons was worthy of all the contempt. However, those on the receiving end of his condemnation embraced his neologism with enthusiasm. Since it has served them as positive identification of all the achievements of their continent in the fields of ethics and morality.

Tomás Sedláèek, an economics graduate and university lecturer in Prague, is transferring this attitude… Mehr dazu
Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit f&hellip von Jeanne Liedtka
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Die nachfolgende Besprechung dieses Titels ist eine Kopie meiner Kritik in der aktuellen Ausgabe der online-Zeitschrift "360 degree" der Business Transformation Academy, einer Einrichtung des Softwareunternehmens SAP. Daraus erklären sich Stil und Form der Rezension.

"On the scale of hype for management methods, design thinking (DT) has now established a firm footing. Having soared to dizzy heights as a panacea for the promotion of creative thinking, this is by no means taken for granted. After all, much of what takes to the skies labeled as an eagle often returns to the firm ground of company practice as a simple chicken.

Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie have… Mehr dazu