Rebecca Brown

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Ort: Clallam Bay, WA United States
Geburtstag: 22. August
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Author of Standing The Watch: Memories of a home death. A heart-warming down to earth account of how my husband & I cared for our beloved Poppa when he came home to die.

A lover of books from early age, I've written reviews in letters home from boarding school & my travels. I was Managing Editor of the Townsend Letter for Doctors where I also reviewed books on alternative health practices.

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A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgivene&hellip von Dave Pelzer
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This is one son's survival of a harrowing childhood in which his mother, unhindered by any intervention, besieged her oldest child with imprisonment, starvation & torture. This is the third in David J. Pelzer's memoirs yet is complete unto itself.
Because of the childhood Dave survived he was uneducated in the ways of society & the military yet this resilient young man sets out to earn a career in the air force where he thrives. Along the way he marries the first girl he meets & has a son who gives his life meaning. Even though his marriage is fraught with trouble there are good times & when it finally ends it is done so with kindness.
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Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science&hellip von Dava Sobel
This is one long immersion into the history of Italian life, European nations & the ways of the aristocracy & the Roman Catholic Church. Here a musician's son learns the skills that will, in time, make him the keenest observer of the heavens & develop his religious-shaking premise. The letters of this man's daughter are translated & interspersed with the biography of & the history of his time. The daughter's life, while short, was immensely comforting to the father. Fascinating details of papal life, house arrest & the interplay between scientists & aristocracy. A bit of a slog sometimes then again the Renaissance was a heady, dense era in Italian… Mehr dazu
Skywatching (Nature Company Guides) von David H. Levy
I'm glad to see so many recommendations - astronomy is alive & well, in part because of David H. Levy. When I can see the night sky, I drag out my copy of David H. Levy's fine handbook & check out what is up there. When I can't see the heavens, I roam about David H. Levy's guide just because it teaches me so much. Skywatching is more than that though, it is a lavish reference source & a companion guide for embarking upon that grand discovery of the roof to our world. Do check out my full review at