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Paranormality von Richard Wiseman
Paranormality von Richard Wiseman
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We experience the impossible, or so we believe. Oddly enough things don't seem all that impossible anymore when someone explains the mechanics behind them which is exactly what Professor Richard Wiseman does in his book Paranormality.
Broaching a variety of topics commonly attributed as being paranormal, be it fortune telling or out-of-body experiences, talking to the dead or prophecy, this turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read that allows a close-up look into how and why we tend to be drawn to the supernatural. From the psychology of suggestion straight to finding patterns in coincidence this book is filled with scientific and psychological facts and spiced with a… Mehr dazu
Can We Travel Through Time? von Michael Brooks
Can We Travel Through Time? von Michael Brooks
It's not always easy to bridge the gap between being fascinated by a topic and actually understanding the matter. With Can We Travel Through Time? Michael Brooks does not only tackle some of physics biggest questions, he also manages to present the interested reader with explanations and answers in a succinct, fun and very accessible way.
Addressing various topics - from Schrödinger's cat to string theory, from gravity to the nature of reality - in essays which all get to the main point without ever being long-winded, this book is both conversationally written and educational too. Upon getting started on the book, and admittedly I am one of those who are unduly fascinated by… Mehr dazu
Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America von Peter Andreas
I've always been a friend of reading about history from a different angle. In Smuggler Nation Peter Andreas presents US history as a "smuggling story" which is a vantage point that sounded highly promising to me.
Presenting the impact and significance smuggling had in terms of the building of the US as a nation - from the early colonial era, up until the modern day - this is a both extensive and comprehensive work on the topic. It's the fascinating questions of how and why smuggling became such an essential, sometimes even necessary, ingredient for the nation, that hooked me right away.
While this book offers a broad view of the complex relationship America had, and still has,… Mehr dazu