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Retired, with one partner and two gerbils. I am not currently able to accept products for review or SPA's. Unsolicited e-mails for same will be deleted.

Chicago-based. Currently reviewing books about mainline Protestantism, Broadway musicals (also CD's), church hymnals, GLBT issues (most), current events, popular biographies incl. show-biz, bridge, "read-aloud" kids' books, travel, pets (esp. "critt… Mehr dazu


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My Best Man von Andrew Schell
My Best Man von Andrew Schell
This well-crafted debut satire of manners and morals in Reagan-era America contains both froth and bite. Froth from the many bottles of champagne gay flight attendant Harry Ford cracks open with his friend and co-worker, the stunning Amity Stone. Bite when we realize that Harry comes from a megarich Kansas family and that he will come into his inheritance only if he gets married--and stays married--by age 24.
Writer Andy Schell has pulled off a marvelous debut here and "My Best Man" succeeds while pulling off a host of contradictions. Since its main character is gay, it qualifies as a "gay novel." But since all the sexual scenes are heterosexual, does… Mehr dazu
America's Forgotten Majority: Why the White Workin&hellip von Ruy Teixeira
when books like this roll around. "America's Forgotten Majority" is clearly written for the Democratic Party, even though the authors claimed to be apolitical in the book's preface ("the content of politics is not our chief concern").
The central thesis is that the biggest chunk of the American electorate (55%) consists of the white working class. The authors define working class not just in old, heavy-industry terms (the USA is a post-industrial society and relatively few of us earn our living in industry) but also in low-level white collar, technical and secretarial fields. These are exactly the fields that have had the roughest times economically since… Mehr dazu
The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Global&hellip von Thomas L. Friedman
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Wise and Witty, 16. Juli 2000
The impossibility of restricting information in the Internet age, the impracticality of slowing down innovation in the computer age, and the futility of forbidding foreign investment in the international-banking age are the main themes that run through this wise and witty study of globalization and its consequences for our increasingly fast-paced, increasingly smaller planet.
Journalist Thomas L. Friedman's "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" uses a host of metaphors to housebreak international business, finance, culture, technology and the environment for his readers. Flows of capital are controlled by an "Electronic Herd" of investors who flow into lucrative… Mehr dazu