Keith Douglas

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Ort: Ottawa, Canada
Geburtstag: 3. November
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Philosopher of science and technology; logician. Also employed in the Systems Development Division, Statistics Canada.


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Kane surveys the relevant issues in free will with precision and fairness. However, his positive account relies heavily on dubious appropriations from chaos theory and quantum mechanics which are (at best) grossly unsupported by current evidence.
Knowledge in Flux: Modeling the Dynamics of Episte&hellip von Peter Gardenfors
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This ambitious book attempts to model belief dynamics. It is largely formal in character and includes sections devoted to applying the modeling to specific kinds of beliefs and is thus quite complete in that sense. However, the modelling is at best a (to speak metaphorically) a 'zero-order' approximation. In particular, the notions of minimality discussed seem to suffer from vagueness.
On the Contrary: Critical Essays, 1987-1997: Criti&hellip von Paul M. Churchland
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A good collection of essays by recognized leaders in a burgeoning field of philosophy. Some are only useful if what the article is discussing is quite familiar to the reader. This holds in particular for some of the articles on qualia and the article on R. Penrose. It could also be said that the article on Dennett could have been marginally better if the last part, concerning his motivations, were snipped.