Philip Werle

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Leben nach dem Tod: Die Erforschung einer unerklär&hellip von Raymond A. Moody
Dieses Buch verdeutlicht auch nicht sprirituellen Lesern, dass es ein "danach" gibt. Anschaulich werden die verschiedenen Facetten der Nahtoderfahrungen aufgefuehrt und erklaert.
The Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe:&hellip von Michael S. Schneider
The author reveils a profound knowledge of spiritual teachings world wide and transmits a part of his wisdom to the interested reader. A completely new value is given to numbers and geometry. I hated both math and geometry in school, but had to change my mind after this very interesting book. Don't get shocked by the old fashioned cover! The inside is up to date!
Holographic Universe von Michael Talbot
Holographic Universe von Michael Talbot
This is an easy reader, but explains in full detail and from many perspectives the holographic model of our universe. The author gathered great amount of information of quantum physics, medicine including Near Death Experience and spiritual beliefs of all over the globe and develops a profound and sustainable theory of the holographic nature of our existence. On his own way he recycles and prooves the old hermetic beliefs that "All is Spirit", light, vibration, energy, call it as you like.

This is a mile stone book for spiritually engaged people:.