Bill Butler

"Bill Butler"
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Ort: Tarzana, Ca. USA
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My name is Bill Butler. My greatest wish at this time (September 23rd) is that we embrace the four million Arab and Muslim American people as our brothers and sisters. And realize that they had nothing to do with the bombing.
If we are not up to the task, then children will be intimidated. We don't want that. I live in Tarzana with my mother and brother.
I will be 50 this June. I am affiliated… Mehr dazu


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Exambusters Algebra 1 Study Cards: A Whole Course &hellip von Ace Academics Inc
On my own, I studied my two texts on algebra. I also took algebra in college. With the texts, I would have to finish 50 or so problems and then look in the back of the text. And by that time, I didn't care about the problems that I had stumbled with! In college, it would take several days before I knew the results of the math tests. This is not good learning! This method does not provide immediate reinforcement. And you forget the problems that you had stumbled with.
I've corresponded with a Dr. Osher Doctorov. He is a math and physics teacher who has so many credentials that it will make your head ache (see his comments on flash cards in his reviews on mathematics). He is the… Mehr dazu
How to Make Money in Coins Right Now (House of col&hellip von Scott A. Travers
5.0 von 5 Sternen TRAVERS IS A GENIUS!, 17. Juli 2000
but there is a catch. Yes I am following Traver's advice. I don't plan on making a cent for 6 months. In fact, I plan on being in the red! I loved coin collecting when I was a child. The title IS misleading. But I assume that this is what Western Civilation calls "marketing". I have many of this man's books and a CD. If you love coins...If you are not looking for a fast buck...If you are willing to study hard...If you are willing to follow graphs on the net...If you are willing to subscribe to weekly coin magazines...If you are willing to study different grading systems for evaluating coins - Then you can do it! As I will. Thank you Mr. Travers. You're a Godsend.
Windows 98 for Dummies (Windows 98 for Dummies, 19&hellip von Andy Rathbone
The is THE book to buy if you want to learn Windows 98! Andy has an incredible sense of humor which will lighten the tension of learning this subject. But his teaching ability is even higher. How would you like to paint a camel with your computer? Or learn how to use Wordpad and Notepad. My entire text is underlined. It did not to be. But I make things hard on myself. Andy does the one thing that very few writers do. He makes what seems complex very simple. I have this book next to my college text on COBOL. Both books did me a great service. But I gave Andy a bad review. Why? IT still was hard work. But Andy made it easier. Now go paint yourself a camel with your computer. You can't,… Mehr dazu