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From the time I was a child, my father (who resembled King Henry VII) insisted on my study of Marlowe, Shakespeare, Milton, and Dickens. He also insisted on my study of the Kings and Queens of England. I was baptized and confirmed in the Anglo Catholic Church. (King Henry VIII's church) I also studied chess and the martial arts. When I went to 2 year school, I studied psychology and art. However, … Mehr dazu


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Antigone (Dover Thrift Editions) von Sophocles
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4.0 von 5 Sternen The Grand Finale, 22. Mai 2000
Sophocles finished the trilogy nicely with this. Part 3 basically revolves around the contrast between Creon's hatred and Antigone's compassion. Creon's son also plays an interesting role. He sways between his father and Antigone, and finally he chooses Antigone. The death of Antigone and Creon's son is a worthy followup to the horror of Oediuus blinding himself and the beauty of Oedipus "seemingly sighted" entering the Greek version of heaven. It is also interesting that when Creon beholds this horror, he too becomes human again. It is interesting that Sophocles creates both intense horror and beauty in each part of the trilogy. Also, the horror in his plays returns the… Mehr dazu
Oedipus at Colonus (Dover Thrift Editions) von Sophocles
Many people make the mistake of only reading part 1 of this trilogy. In my opinion, it is a horrible mistake to ignore parts 2 and 3. The blind Oedipus is touchingly lead by his daughter. (I can not help but suspect this inspired the relationship between Edgar and Gloucester in Shakespeare's "King Lear.") It is also in this play that we see Creon is not exactly an outstanding citizen. He seemed nice enough in part 1, but once he has Oedipus' power, he is somewhat of a tyrant. It is also in part 2 that we are able to get a closer look at Oedipus. (REMEMBER, HE DID NOT KNOW HE HAD KILLED HIS FATHER, MARRIED HIS MOTHER, AND HAD CHILDREN WITH HIS MOTHER.) It is in this play… Mehr dazu
Iliad (Phoenix Books) von Homer
3.0 von 5 Sternen Certainly a Worthy Study, 22. Mai 2000
I have respect for Homer's "Iliad." To be sure there are powerful images, dramatic confrontations, beautiful passages, and deep psychological insights. But in all honesty, I feel Homer lacks the genious of Aeschylus or Sophocles. Do not get me wrong. "The Iliad" IS an important and worthy study. I just can't say it matches Sophocles' Trilogy or Aeschylus' Trilogy.