Carey Holzman

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Ort: Glendale, AZ USA
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I am a PC techician in the field for over 13 years. I just published my first book, The Healthy PC (McGraw/Hill) and contributed to David Strom's book, The Home Networking Survival Guide (McGraw/Hill). I enjoy humor, music, nature, sci-fi (of course) and peace & quiet. I enjoy reading when I can, and am always looking to read things that can enhance my personality, my lifestyle and make me a bett… Mehr dazu


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Barbarians Led by Bill Gates, Engl. ed. von Jennifer Edstrom
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I think this book gives a good idea to the reader of what it was like, and still is like, to work at Microsoft. I agree with most of these other reviews, that a large corporation is fumbling around, it is mortal and that the story (as with any story) is told from a certain persons point of view. I don't agree the person who wrote it was a failure or a coward (as stated in another readers review). I believe this person is intelligent and was not appreciated by management in HIS eyes. How can he be wrong? We all have our own opinions and personalities, and if you don't like someones opinion or personality, it doesn't make them "wrong" or a "coward". (In my… Mehr dazu