"Shirley Hicks"
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Ort: Charleston, West Virginia, USA
Geburtstag: 2. Februar
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Mother of two, grandmother of five (two live with me), I came into book publishing and editing by default when my son started writing books and couldn't afford to pay for those services!

Reading (of course), travel (when there's time and money), and spending time with family and friends.

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Relatively Guilty (Best Defence No.1) (English Edi&hellip von William H.S. McIntyre
5.0 von 5 Sternen Tongue-in-cheek whodunit, 25. Februar 2014
Robbie is a lawyer in Linlithgow, with a much more well-known (and liked) big brother, whose shenanigans always seem to end up as Robbies problems. When Malkie shows up uninvited, Robbies life takes a turn for the strange.

Its a mystery, its a legal thriller, its a comedy, and its time for you to read it! The characters are humorous but believable, the dialog is spot-on, and the Scottish idioms and vernacular add a wonderful flavor to the story. Funny, well-plotted, and absorbing  I loved it!
69 things I do with my Wang: Test to see how dirty&hellip von A Paz
4.0 von 5 Sternen Geek meets lowbrow humor, 25. Februar 2014
The author contacted me to ask for a review, and provided a free copy. Since it was so short, I immediately checked it out  it can be read in less than ten minutes.

There are some real groaners, but the puns and pictures are creative, silly, and fun. If you like double entendre and slightly crude humor, youll enjoy it. The title alone is entertaining!
Into the Darkness (English Edition) von Guy Bailey
4.0 von 5 Sternen Spooky shorts, 16. Februar 2014
Since these are short stories, I wont summarize the plots  the product description does a good job of that. There are four total, all by different authors, and told in completely different styles.

Never Linger by Guy Bailey was an entertaining old-fashioned Halloween tale, told with a modern campy twist. Editing was superb.

The Watcher in the Window by Simone Beaudelaire has a paranormal twist, and a bit of Ms. Beaudelaires trademark erotic stamp. A well-constructed story with a few typos, but a great read.

The Darkness by L. M. Boelz was definitely the creepiest and most sinister  characteristic of most of her work. She does a fine job of… Mehr dazu