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Diablo II Roleplaying Game Box Set (Dungeons & Dra&hellip von Wizards Team
I feel that experienced players should pass on this one. There are some minor adventures in here, so I suppose it can count as an adventure module of sorts rather than a box set.
The most useful thing in this item is the dungeon cutouts. Using them is so much easier and quicker than having the players map the areas they explore on grid paper.
Basically, the cutouts are generic illustrations of standard dungeon parts (30 Foot Hallway, 20 Foot Hallway, 30x20 Chamber, etc.) As the PCs explore you simply attach the parts to each other in Leggo-like fashion. Its actually quite workable and the art and detail on them is very good (for what it is).
The Monster counters… Mehr dazu
Diablo II: The Awakening: The Monastery of the Sig&hellip von Wizards Team
This book is an excellent, excellent accessory to any campaignworld. (though any DM should be judicious when introducing any Diabloelements in their world). The best features of this book are the Amazon kit, the spell list, the magic item tables and the monsters.
The Amazon class is one of the most well-balanced I have seen in any AD&D accessory and it has its own very unique character. Toss the Amazon kit in the Fighter's Handbook immediately. Paladin and Barbarian are interesting. The new mage proficiencies are worth experimenting with. Excellent stuff here.
The spell list is very liberating for any spellcaster PC. Yes, ...its very combat oriented. But, its also very… Mehr dazu
Astrology for the Millions (Llewellyn's Classics o&hellip von Grant Lewi
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Grant Lewi was a genius. The only problem I have with this book is that his "Queen's English" has been Americanized both in this book and his other book "Heaven Knows What." On that account, I feel that some of his original interpretations has been slightly distorted.
Being familiar with the original editions, I have easily spotted numerous "politically correct" editing, some cases of "gender neutralizing" over parts of his natural style, and insertions of some phrases that are suspiciously "New Agey" in character.
On the whole, my first recommendation is to find the old editions. But, if that is not an option then this… Mehr dazu