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MTHFR Basics (English Edition) von Benjamin Lynch
MTHFR Basics (English Edition) von Benjamin Lynch
In order to avoid getting lost in myriad detail when you are new to this area, Dr Ben recommends this as the simplest text to read first

And so it is. Pleased I purchase it. It's hardly expensive, is it?

Hopefully he'll get round to writing some full-length books in due course, if he ever gets time inbetween educating the world. I shall be following his material closely and had better get the test/s done at some point. A health guru coming from high moral and ethical ground - seems to be some distance ahead of most people e.g. on Methylation
The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by H&hellip von Mark Hyman
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Now that's what I call medicine, 12. Dezember 2013
Someone needs to put Dr Mark Hyman in charge of redefining and completely overhauling the health-care systems of the world!

I get the impression that the best doctors in the world have almost always gone through debilitating suffering themselves. When confronted with standard conventional medicine they reject most of it (as a broken paradigm) and find another path, as pioneers, first for themselves and then for their patients, seeking deeper truth and understanding

This is a profoundly optimistic book in terms of what can be achieved by Functional Medicine that looks at root causes, systems and patterns.

Only through having this deep understanding of what it… Mehr dazu
The Mercury Diaries von Daniel Forsyth
The Mercury Diaries von Daniel Forsyth
I was struck by the sheer achievement of this guy, against the odds. For anyone whose health has been shattered by Mercury or heavy metal poisoning, this is an inspiring (even funny in places) tale of underground learning and very hard won recovery. And boy this guy learned a great deal - despite not seeming to be the obvious type to do so. Sheer gutsy determination

For anyone who thinks they can just whip out a truck load of mercury from their body and get 'chelating' - then you'd better read this book. There is great wisdom in this book - don't be deceived by the style of language (which is very authentic). It made a lasting impression on me and leads the reader importantly to… Mehr dazu