Richard R. Horton

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Ort: Webster Groves, MO United States
Geburtstag: 5. Oktober
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Rich Horton is a software engineer, originally from Naperville, IL, resident in the St. Louis area since 1981. His main reading interests are Science Fiction, Mysteries, and Contemporary Literature, especially social comedy in the mode of Kingsley Amis or Anthony Powell. He writes reviews for SF Site (, Maelstrom Science Fiction, and other publications.


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The Complete Fiction of W. M. Spackman: Collected &hellip von W. M. Spackman
I was wandering through the Literature section of a local bookstore the other day, looking at the "usual suspects" (Amis, Davies, Borges, Powell, and so on), really just checking out their selection, not expecting to find anything new, when I thought: "I'll bet I can stump them. Let's see if they have any W. M. Spackman!". Spackman is one of my secret pleasures: a rather little-known writer, born in 1905, died 1990, who published 5 novels, _Heyday_ in the early '50s, then 4 very short, utterly charming, stories of men and woman and guiltless affairs, published from 1978 through 1985. Spackman was a Philadelphian, at a guess "Main Line" or very close,… Mehr dazu
The Third Policeman (John F. Byrne Irish Literatur&hellip von Flann O'Brien
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Strange and Blackly Funny, 25. Juli 2000
This is one of the strangest novels I have ever read. It was written in about 1940, but not published until 1967, a year or two after the author`s death. O`Brien is a pseudonym for the Irish writer Brian O`Nolan, who was also a celebrated newspaper columnist using the name Myles na gCopaleen, the latter name apparently Gaelic. O`Brien`s other masterpiece is At Swim-Two-Birds, which was published in 1939. His "Myles" columns is also well-regarded, and such novels as The Poor Mouth and The Hard Life are well worth reading.
The Third Policeman is quite funny, quite absurd, and, at bottom, very disturbing. The narrator is a very unpleasant man, who announces in the… Mehr dazu
The Stone Canal von Ken MacLeod
The Stone Canal von Ken MacLeod
The Stone Canal is Ken MacLeod's second novel. It is in the same future history as his first novel (The Star Fraction) and his third novel (The Cassini Division) but it can be read without difficulty on its own, and I found it to stand alone just fine. At a first brush, MacLeod reads like "Iain Banks meets Bruce Sterling". The novel's opening, with a somewhat smart-alecky "human- equivalent" robot briefing a confused newly-awakened man, and its structure, alternating chapters on different timelines, definitely echo some of Banks' work. (Note that Banks acknowledges MacLeod's help with Use of Weapons, in terms which suggest to me that he may have helped with that… Mehr dazu