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I'm a reader. In my humble opinion, one is either a reader or a non-reader. There's no in between. It's a genetic thing, I think, but then I believe most human characteristics are. A reader will read anything: backs of cereal boxes, fine print on discount coupons, obscure religious pamphlets found in waiting rooms...anything. And a non-reader just doesn't. He just won't get it. No big deal here,… Mehr dazu


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Tomato Red von Daniel Woodrell
Tomato Red von Daniel Woodrell
5.0 von 5 Sternen Tomato Red is a real kicker!, 17. Februar 2000
...and the moral of the story is that home is where they have to let you in. Sammy's looking for home. Who doesn't want a place to belong? The search, this longing for "my people" is primal. Some of us find them, some of us don't. Sometimes it's family, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it's a good thing when we find them, sometimes not. Some of us search for this connection without being fully aware that we're doing so. E.B. White's character in The Door says, "My heart has followed all my days, something it cannot name." Sammy names his heart's desire... 'a bunch that'll have me'. <i>I wasn't going to care much for being lonely again, if that's what was coming. That… Mehr dazu