"Author, Find Your Ideal Country Home"
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Author: How To Find Your Ideal Country Home: Ruralize Your Dreams. Iconoclastic author, writer, homesteader, gardener, designer, do-it-yourselfer who applauds and supports those working to improve sustainable food systems, ecology, child rearing, community, government. As of early 2008 I am finally retired. Check out my Web site,

Having fun and helping others by reading, designing, building with local materials, gardening, cooking, landscaping, woodworking, permaculture, and improving Heartwood, our beloved old hillbilly subsistence homestead in the Missouri Ozarks. Then writ… Mehr dazu


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Garden Way's Joy of Gardening (Garden Way Book) von Dick Raymond
Some books are like gold-bearing ore--you have to sift tons of words to find a few nuggets. This book has nuggets on nearly every page. And unlike some authors, Raymond is open-minded to the various gardening methods and has tried them. Even better, he has worked in different soils in different parts of the country. And he is innovative.
I am not a fan of tillers and I am biased against chemicals, so Raymond had to overcome my initial skepticism. He did. While he extols the use of his tiller [he has a long relationship with Troy-Bilt, owned by Garden Way, publishers of this book], he also shows how to garden without one. And in most cases he offers organic alternatives to… Mehr dazu
How to Grow More Vegetables: Than You Ever Thought&hellip von John Jeavons
This title grew from a 1971 experimental garden in Palo Alto, California instigated by Alan Chadwick and Stephen Kafka. That garden showed that using the biodynamic/French Intensive method produced four times more vegetables than conventional techniques.
Biodynamic techniques were developed by Austrian genius Rudolf Steiner. French Intensive methods were developed in the 1890s by market gardeners outside Paris, a time when horses provided more-than-ample fertilizer and the city provided a ready market for vegetables. Chadwick studied under Steiner and French gardeners.
The method requires double-digging garden beds and adding compost or aged manure. Double-digging to two… Mehr dazu
The Toilet Papers: Recycling Waste and Conserving &hellip von Sim Van Der Ryn
Most farmers and gardeners fertilize soil using manure from the many animals except humans. Because of our diet, humanure is unsurpassed in nutrients. Asians have used it for thousands of years. Generations of families using flush toilets have resulted in psychological negativity--the yuck factor. So humanure is mostly wasted and goes into sewage treatment plants or septic systems, causing much unnecessary expense and pollution of groundwater. The most commonsense treatment of humanure is to collect it, compost it, and then use it for fertilizer for ornamentals and those plants that fruit above-ground: fruit trees, tomatoes, peppers, beans and the like. Humanure composted for a year… Mehr dazu