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The Sociopath Next Door von Martha Stout
The Sociopath Next Door von Martha Stout
There are many people earning lots of money and having a large status who turn out to be a psychiatric patient without anyone ever diagnosing them.
Recovering Love: Codependency to CoRecovery von Dr. J. Cookerly
This book is unique in the sense that it explains how co-dependency works out in a relationship, what the differences are between a healthy and a co-dependant relationship. What type of emotional reactions in a relationship are unhealthy and how to solve this. It certainly is a must read for any man / woman who is or has been in an abusive relationship.
Build a Rocket Boys! von Elbow
4.0 von 5 Sternen Best album 2011, 13. Februar 2013
The finest music that I bought in 2011. This latest album surpasses all the previous ones! If you like Indie music, you should buy it.