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Guy who loves reading, programming, science, and getting to understand nature, man, she is so beautiful! (but not more than the one who I stood beside in the picture :) Have wide (and sometime, weird) interests, read everything in his eyesight. Bought too many books and probably can't finish them all in his lifetime (but still buying more :)


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CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C von Mark Felton
I am one of C++ programmers who had been writting C++ codes for years. Recently, I have to write web programming (called CGI programs), and I don't want to learn a new language like Perl or Tcl... So, I wondered around everywhere finding any book that could give me any idea about how to write CGI programs in C/C++, and luckily, I found this book.
While not perfect (from my experience with over 20 C++ books, none is perfect), this book does what it should. Although a lot of codes won't compile without some modification (compiler depends... I compiled them using g++ on IRIX platform, check yours). Anyway, I found it challenging to find bugs in his code, since that helped my… Mehr dazu
Problem Solving With C++: The Object of Programmin&hellip von Walter J. Savitch
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To be honest, I have to tell you something. I did not read every lines written in this book, and I haven't read the entire book yet.
However, from my years of living with C++ codes (5 years should be long enough, I think), I think I know C++ enough without doing that (read every lines of the entire book..etc)
Now, many people asked me to teach C++... and I was looking for a good textbook. I came in Amazon and read some reviews about this book, and I think I should try reading it.. (and it was published from Addison-Wesley, my favourite computer-book publisher). The following are my feeling about the book :
First, when I look at the very first source code, I had a bad… Mehr dazu
The Waite Group's C++, w. CD-ROM (How-to Series) von Jan Walter
First, I like the approach of this book. The "How could I do ... ?" is good for refresh your memory. Since sometime you might forget, or become unsure about how something can be done.
Despite what it said in the back cover, I think that, this book is suitable for the someone who is about to become an intermediate C++ programmer (the advanced-beginner, or something like that). Why? Because when I was one, I always get confused about "How could I do <something>", or "How should I involve <some facilities>", and this book provided almost all answer to those questions I used to have. And even now, it still worth my time reading it.
The… Mehr dazu