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The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before th&hellip von Barbara W. Tuchman
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I loved The Proud Tower. I wish that all History books were this interesting and informative. The book, as it's subtitle suggests is Ms. Tuchman's portrait of the world in the years leading to the First World War. It is cultural history, political history, biography and more. The book is divided into sections covering the years 1890-1914 in England, France, Germany, and the U.S. It also covers social, political, and cultural movements like Anarchism, Socialism and The Hague Peace Conference. Each section is it's own treasure and made me wish Ms. Tuchman had written an entire book on her various subjects. Many of them were new to me; such as Thomas B. Reed, the U.S. Speaker of… Mehr dazu
And One Wore Gray von Heather Graham
And One Wore Gray von Heather Graham
A wonderful window into the world of pre- Civil War life. Jesse and Kiernan bring to life a world long gone but not forgotten. Jesse is the ultimate gentlemen even if he enlists on the wrong side. Kiernan a fiery southern belle, who knows what she wants, even if he's on the wrong side! The lengths they go through to be together are at times amusing and yet heart warming. When ever my family goes to Gettysburg, this book comes with us!
A Pirate's Pleasure von Heather Graham
A Pirate's Pleasure von Heather Graham
This was the first Romance novel I ever read. It started me on a path that has lasted 6 years and caused me to read ever book Ms. Graham has ever written. As the third instalment in the American Women series and a wonderful addition to the Cameron Saga, Petroc Cameron is a hero for ever women! This book is so well written you can smell the salt air of the sea and feel the grass of the Cameron plantation under your feet. Cuddle up with this one on a rainy night and you won't notice the sun coming up the next day!