James Gallen

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Ort: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
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I am a lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri, specializing in the defense of Workers'Compensation cases. In addition to my practice, I have written and lectured extensively on workers'compensation topics, both locally and nationally.
Among my Civic activities, I have served on the Advisory Board of SSM Rehabilitation Institute and am currently on the Dean's Council of the St. Louis University School of La… Mehr dazu



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Progress In Divine Union von Raoul Plus
Progress In Divine Union von Raoul Plus
4.0 von 5 Sternen A Valuable Devotional Read, 19. April 2014
Progress In Divine Union is a short devotional book that helps guide the reader along his journey toward God. The nine chapters, averaging about ten pages each, start with the development of a broader vision of ourselves with our weaknesses and need change to the good. They progress to atonement for our sins, to carrying our cross with Christ, imitating His spirit of self-sacrifice through attentiveness to Christs voice within our souls to our ultimate goal of union with God.

I used this book for spiritual reading before retiring. It has a cohesion and flow that are adapted for this type of meditation. Read a chapter at a time and think about it before going on to the… Mehr dazu
American Saint: The Life of Elizabeth Seton von Joan Barthel
Elizabeth Ann Seton has an unusual story for a saint. Born in New York in 1774 to a prominent Loyalist physician, Elizabeth Bayley grew up amidst the cream of Colonial and American society. Always drawn to God, Elizabeth drank deeply of the Protestant faith of her culture. Marrying William Seton, Elizabeth lived the hard life of her day, during which she watched her husband and daughters sicken and die before her own death at the age of 46. As tuberculosis weakened her husband, they traveled to Italy in a vain search for a cure. After Williams death, Elizabeth spent time with the Filicchi family who introduced her to Catholicism. From this experience Elizabeth decided to convert,… Mehr dazu
The Benediction von Joyce McDonald
The Benediction von Joyce McDonald
This book could be described as an historical novel with a touch of romance. It portrays many aspects of traditional Irish culture: its poverty; its aristocracy and peasantry, each dependent on and resentful of the other; a Church that sins and seeks forgiveness, that oppresses and saves. The reader can almost smell the stench of the blighted potatoes, feel the roll and hear the sounds of the immigrant ships and sympathize with the rebels while understanding the squires too. We are torn by the tangled romances, the despair that leads to drink and are uplifted by the hope of a new land.

Author Joyce McDonald skillfully works the native dialogue and background into the story. I… Mehr dazu