Rob Mars

"Author of Corporate Mission Possible"
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Corporate manager, consultant, coach


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Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independe&hellip von Usiere Uko
Usiere Uko succeeded to write an extremely motivating book - and not only about personal finance.

After a prodigal decade in his youth, he awakened to financial awareness and built a system to reach financial security, growth and wealth. His motives were not the desire to be rich - he simply realized that he wanted to be financially independent; he wanted to reach financial freedom. After only another decade or so, he seems to have achieved it.

This well written book invites you for a journey that is able to get you to living your dreams. Mr. Ukos story - illustrating each chapter - provides the seasoning and creates deep trust in the reader. His words supremely… Mehr dazu
Love Poems for Cannibals von Raymond Keen
Love Poems for Cannibals von Raymond Keen
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The arrow-like words of Raymond Keen tear through the frightfulness of the past 50 years in these poems. He saw it, lived it, felt it and even more thought about it.

Although the collection of poems starts with Vietnam War and closes (but the last) with stanzas about the horrors of World War II, the turbulence in us does not come from war stories. It is created by the truth-seeking of its author, not hiding that our whole current world is dinky dau. From politics and power to the great personalities of our era, these poems cover it all. Or better to say, uncover.

But do not worry, these poems are not here to frighten you, to remind you of the monstrosities of our age… Mehr dazu
Made A Killing (Studies in Macroeconomic History) von Zach Abrams
The very refreshing style of Zach Abrams keeps you fascinated from the first page of this mystery until the end and beyond. Masterly carved, live characters, smoothly flowing storyline with nice twists direct you to the final revelation. The delicate, often pun-based humor appropriately spices the story. The setting is made authentic not only by the authors Glasgow upbringing but his ability to visualize the grey, gloomy Scottish November that is a perfect setting for this whodunnit.

Mr. Abrams will make a killing with his mystery and I would not be surprised if this became the first part of a series. I suspect Alex Warren, the DCI of the story, could be well the next Taggart… Mehr dazu