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Song of Fire: The Message He Brought Saved an Enti&hellip von Joseph Bentz
3.0 von 5 Sternen No Drums, No Trumpets, 23. Juni 2000
The little boy hated "stories that ended by being somebody's dream."and I don't blame him. (Spoilers below, you've been warned.) As a Christian fantasy, Betz's Song of Fire is a nice departure from the usual Tolkienesque stuff; unfortunatly this is also something of a drawback, stumbling into Allegory mode more than once. The plot is of Stranger in a Strange land: Out ice-skating, Jeremy falls, in a comet of song and light into the realm of Persus Am, where all music has been forbidden. Bentz can draw a convincing world, his descriptions of the various countries are believeable. There is a vague resemblence to Narnia; Jeremy has been sent to restore faith in God to… Mehr dazu
Venus von Ben Bova
Venus von Ben Bova
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3.0 von 5 Sternen Tom Swift It Ain't, 15. Juni 2000
I wanted to enjoy this book more than I actually did.(Possible spoiler alert!) In truth I expected one of those 800-page monsters that touch on every conceivable detail and was very disappointed to find it basically a good corking read, but not necessarily about Venus specically. Indeed, the setting could have been a century before, with "Himalayas" or "North Pole" in place of Venus. Bova does include details about the second planet, and a stern warning on the Greenhouse effect; this is fine, yet much of this could have been altered with minimal effect on the plot. The actual plot is basic: Hated younger son Van competes with his power-hungery father's… Mehr dazu
The Cat Who Robbed a Bank von Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who Robbed a Bank von Lilian Jackson Braun
4.0 von 5 Sternen Been a Quiet Week in......, 21. Februar 2000
LJ Braun''s latest book is like a Whitman sampler, you know what you're getting, but it's still delicious. Compared to the previous book's (Cat Who Sang for the Birds) disappointment, I approached this with caution, and found it a pleasant jaunt thru Moose County. This time, the actual murder, of a noted visiting Chicago jeweler, is more prominent; at the same time, all the wonderful details LJB is known for, florish. Still, the Actual Murder never truly dominates. SPOILER ALERT! The case itself is quite routine, tho I don't think it's too much a surprise as to who the culprit is. Oddly, many of the various subplots are either missing or too neatly tied off, the marraige of Celia… Mehr dazu