A. Grace

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Ort: Michigan
Geburtstag: 23. April
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Writer, reader, film and music lover, analytical art critic, sky gazer, lover of life and language, of light and color and the sounds of water, of people and communication, of creation and redemption.


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Beloved Stranger von Judith Pella
Beloved Stranger von Judith Pella
. . . but somehow, Judith Pella manages to create fresh, new characters with every book she writes--characters that aren't quite like any of the others she's introduced us to. Shelby and Frank are no exception! Shelby is at once endearing as the book opens with her father's funeral and the reader naturally sympathizes with her. Because of her impulsive nature, I found myself thinking so many times, "I would NEVER do that! " but it didn't make her any less appealing as the misguided heroine of the story. Frank, too, is a well-written character. He has the dark good looks, mysterious past, and serious passion that make him the ideal hero; but at the same time, there are… Mehr dazu
Montclair (Portraits (Bethany House)) von Sara Mitchell
What a writer! I've never even heard of her before--but you can be sure I'll run the "Book Search" after this one! Ms. Mitchell seems to know just how to bring characters around slowly and plausibly, rather than the all-too-familiar "lightning strike recovery." This book deals with a subject that most Christian books don't touch on--how to *know* God is there even when you don't *feel* His presence. Sabrina's despair and fear are described so vividly that you can really understand what she's going through, proving that many authors write best what they *know.* I also appreciated that Hunter freely admits that his greatest flaw is arrogance--how many main… Mehr dazu
Too Long a Stranger (Women of the West (Bethany Ho&hellip von Janette Oke
This book is a wonderful gift for mothers and daughters alike. The reader empathizes with Sarah from the first page of the book, as she wonders what to do to support her daughter. Rebecca is a little harder to "like," and at first glance she does seem to become spoiled; but while she might not be an admirable character, she is easily understood. Oke does a commendable job creating two different worlds, both equally vivid, and showing how Rebecca feels when she leaves the refined world to enter the rustic one. The way in which she realizes her pride and finds forgiveness is believable and touching. All in all, a wonderful keepsake book you'll want to read again and again!