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I live in Seattle, WA working as a Software Test Engineer for RealNetworks. I enjoy watching movies, web programming and design, and strategy games. Python and Perl for CGI are still better than ASP. You just don't like them because they are harder. =)


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Perl Black Book, w. CD-ROM (Black Book (Coriolis G&hellip von Steven Holzner
I use perl quite constantly, for both CGI and for test automation at work. This book has basically everything one would need in any situation. The other day I was having problems with one of my search tools - so I went back to the section on regular expressions. FIXED. It dosen't take long for a real perl user to appreciate what this book has to offer in complexity.
Although not exclusively a learning tool, the book is still complete enough to the point where everyone can still keep learning from it - even over a long period of time. The chapters are nicely organized with dark page-edge markers. I *really* wish more books adopted this.
Don't waste your time buying more than… Mehr dazu
Learning Python von Mark Lutz
Learning Python von Mark Lutz
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Awesome python resource. Picking up the intrinsic details of python is made a SNAP with this book. *Finally* a book comes along that has relevant orginization from cover to cover. The book takes you through it all with so much ease you leave the chapters nodding your head. To add more frosting on the cake, the sections on applications, including the Tkinter GUI and CGI, are what make this book lie next to my 'bibles' on the shelf. They teach you why to do it, how to do it, and what you can do with it!
This book is especially perfect for all of us perl/c fellows who want to stop putting off learning this exciting language. (you know who you are!) The book understands the position… Mehr dazu
Webmaster in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O'Reilly)) von Stephen Spainhour
This book is seriously a MUST have! I was so impressed with the first edition (1996) that I bought the 2nd, and I am even more impressed. I love both these books SO much that I literally carry them around with me. Probably the BEST and most compact reference you can buy!
Let me remind the readers that this is a REFERENCE book. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT buy this book if you are expecting to learn everything inside it from scratch. You will pull your hair out. Buy this book if you already grasp the basics of HTML, javascript, CSS, CGI with perl, and server config. (Basically what an average webmaster should) - You will not only consider this your 'golden' book, you will use it over… Mehr dazu