Jeff Bricker

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Ort: Columbus, Ohio USA
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J.A. Bricker has studied philosophy at The Ohio State University and at Duquesne University. He currently works in an academic library. He has a girlfriend named Cindy (who is an attorney for the poor) and a dog named Parker Posey (who is a german shepherd).
In addition to his enthusiasm for the works of Richard Rorty, Martin Heidegger, and Hans-Georg Gadamer, he is also an admirer of the art o… Mehr dazu


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Where the Roots Reach for Water: A Personal & Natu&hellip von Jeffery Smith
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5.0 von 5 Sternen More light!, 28. Juli 2000
With prose that is always lucid, and often lyrical, Jeffrey Smith describes his attempt to integrate his depression into his life as a whole. To this reader, some of his survival strategies seem wrong-headed: he time and again seeks solace in the wilderness (rarely finding it), his choice of pet is all wrong (trade in the skittish cat for a german shepherd puppy), and his chosen work (with the halt and the lame) couldn't be more depressing.
That said, his natural history of melancholia will provide a tonic for many a reader. He's dug up some fascinating insights and speculations about those of us who live under the sign of Saturn, much of which is passed over in silence by… Mehr dazu
Rope: The Twisted Life and Crimes of Harvey Glatma&hellip von Michael Newton
3.0 von 5 Sternen No Ted Bundy!, 26. Mai 2000
Readers who like their serial killers to be charming, cunning monsters will be a little disappointed with Harvey Glatman. A nerdy TV repairman with a taste for bondage photography, Glatman was essentially a rapist who murdered his victims almost as an afterthought. Author Newman reports that Glatman regularly scored high on IQ tests, which puzzles this reader, since at no point in this narrative does the killer display an ounce of intelligence (at the time of his arrest two of his victim's bodies hadn't even been found, so whiz-kid Harvey helpfully leads the police to the corpses). Newman is a skillful writer, but there's little of interest in the last 200 pages of this book.
Basic Writings: Second Edition, Revised and Expand&hellip von Martin Heidegger
This is a surprisingly useful gathering of Heidegger's essays. Krell took the opportunity of a second edition to beef up the collection by expanding a couple of pieces to their full- length. He also added an additional essay: THE WAY TO LANGUAGE (it's pretty turgid). If only he had added the wonderful WHAT ARE POETS FOR? instead. Still, you won't get more Heidegger for the money anywhere.