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Essential Rumi (Essential (Booksales)) von Jalal al-Din Rumi
Rumi is, simply, one of the greatest spiritualists ever.
If you are not a Muslim (and I am not one, either), do not be dismayed; Rumi's mystical, spiritual wonders are not exclusively "Islamic", but are rather universal and attuned to the spirituality of all three great monotheistic traditions. Reading Rumi, you will discover ways of looking at yourself, of thinking about yourself, and your relation to the world and God which will open new spiritual horizons for you. Rumi will help you drill down within yourself, and lift up beyond yourself, in strinkingly fresh, subtle, beautiful ways. You will experience God in your life in ways that you never previously… Mehr dazu
The Serbs: History, Myth and the Destruction of Yu&hellip von Timothy Judah
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It is truly unfortunate that this is on of the only widely available books on Serb history at the present time, because the work is regretfully loaded with inaccuracies, stereotypes and simple bias -- it is worthless as a 'history book', really.
Judah has a point, of course -- Serbia's present-day leadership cynically manipulated the Serbs by using Serb history to fan the flames of war. Fair enough. But Judah goes further than that to call into question the legitimacy of the very underpinnings of Serb identity -- the Orthodox Church, the Nemanjic Dynasty, the Kosovo history, the rebellions against the Turks, etc. -- everything the Serbs have ever done is subject to attack and… Mehr dazu
The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers&hellip von Misha Glenny
In recent years, there have been many books published about specific areas of the Balkans (particularly, the countries of the former Yugoslavia), but no one book (other than Robert Kaplan's travelogue "Balkan Ghosts") has attempted to tackle the entire Balkan region, taken as a group. Misha Glenny's latest work does this admirably well, and has instantly become the most comprehensive, and comprehensible, book available regarding this fascinating region.
Misha Glenny is no newcomer to the Balkans, and some readers may be familiar with his "The Fall of Yugoslavia" which recounted the principal events leading to the breakup of Yugoslavia. However, here Glenny… Mehr dazu