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Moleskine Sonderausgaben Evernote Smart Notebook /&hellip von Moleskine
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If you love the functionality and convenience of Evernote and if you have, at least once had the "Damn, I don't have my notebook with me." moment, you will enjoy this product. It is all you would imagine, no need to be too detailed on this.

One thing you will need to note is that the pages of this notebook are either slightly thinner than the regular Moleskines or a slightly lighter in colour - you might have to use a pen that does not use much ink as most Pen will bleed trough. Pentel Jetstream did the trick for me.
Laura Biagiotti Laura femme/woman, Eau de Toilette&hellip von Laura Biagiotti
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Exquisit, 5. März 2010
Ich habe das Parfum als Geschenk gekauft. Es ist ein Duft mit universellem Appeal, unabhängig vom Geschmack.