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Time to Be in Earnest: A Fragment of Autobiography von P.D. James
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What a marvellous book P.D. James has written!
It is not just for fans of her mysteries. Rather, it is for anyone who has had to have a day job to pursue other interests, who has toiled in hospitals or government bureaucracies, who had to deal with family problems--all of which P.D. James had to do. Luckily, the book, like her life, has a happy ending, with a seat in the House of Lords, a place on the BBC Board of Governors, and visits to the Queen's Garden Party, in addition to best-sellerdom and homes in Oxford and London, to top it off! It is so charming that after reading it, I gave it to my mother to celebrate her 77th birthday (P.D. James' gave this milestone as the… Mehr dazu
Goodbye to All That (Isis Series) von Robert Graves
Robert Graves book is at one level a memoir and at another level a manifesto for the Lost Generation, disillusioned by the carnage and stupidity of World War I. Devastating in is portrayal of the British Establishment. Compelling in its picture of young poets like Sigfried Sassoon. The audiobook version is simply riveting, turning a drive from Washington, DC to NYC and back on a crowded I-95 into a distinct pleasure. Even traffic jams were transformed into a delightful chance to hear more of the story.
Amsterdam: A Novel von Ian McEwan
Amsterdam: A Novel von Ian McEwan
5.0 von 5 Sternen An enjoyable jeu d'esprit, 20. Juni 2000
This book is a black comedy that is very, very dry. The author takes on the British "chattering classes" and has his fun with their overlapping infidelities as well as their social and artistic ambitions. The style combines the humor of P.G. Wodehouse with the plotting of P.D. James. Highly recommended as airplane reading (especially if one is going to Holland...).