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Speaking JavaScript von Axel Rauschmayer
Speaking JavaScript von Axel Rauschmayer
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Speaking Javascript is composed of four parts: JavaScript Quickstart, Background, JavaScript in Depth, and Tips, Tools, and Libraries.

The first two parts introduce the reader to the programming language and put its features into a context.

JavaScript in Depth is by far the longest part and is the reason why you'll want to buy this book. Axel Rauschmayer writes precisely about the many features and idiosyncracies of the JavaScript programming language and goes into detail about e. g. its operators, how strings and numbers are handled, functions and their scopes and lots more. It's interesting and worthwhile to see how he reads and then challenges the specs to really… Mehr dazu
PHP and MongoDB Web Development Beginner's Guide von Rubayeet Islam
This is a review of the mobi edition of this book.

The book targets LAMP stack web developers and tries to give a quick introduction into using MongoDB. Prior knowledge of relational databases is helpful - and unavoidable for a somewhat experienced web developer -, NoSQL or MongoDB knowledge is not required or expected at all.

The book's first chapters show how to install MongoDB and then retrieve and store data and quickly discuss "how to data model in Mongo DB" (embed vs. reference documents). The remaining chapters introduce MongoDB with typical use cases:

How to use it as a persistent session storage.
Map/reduce and aggregation are explained with a… Mehr dazu