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Me Before You von Jojo Moyes
Me Before You von Jojo Moyes
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Me before you seems to be the best book that I've ever read - or at least for a long time.
This isn't the classical and typical love story between two lowers - No. This is going deeper.
It's about the sense of life and involves a very morally difficult discussion about whether
everybody can decide about his/her life on his/her own.
I both laughed and cried with Lou and Will. This book really touched my heart and I
guess I'll think a very long time about this story.

Ein ganzes halbes Jahr..
Lou verliert Hals-über-Kopf ihren gelieben Job in einem Cafè und steht nur vor der Frage: Was soll sie mit ihrem Leben anfangen? Wie geht es weiter… Mehr dazu